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DJ BAD THA PROBLEM (@djbadthaproblem) Receives A Plaque For 1 Million Streams On Audiomack

DJ BAD THA PROBLEM Audiomack Plaque

As some of you may or may not know.. Dec. 27th, 2013 I joined a platform called Audiomack. It wasn’t until Sept. 24th, 2021 I hit a major milestone. I received over one million streams on Audiomack that year. This plaque you see here represents that milestone. However this wasn't easy for me to achieve. It took 10+ years of me putting in the work to hit this milestone. When I started making tapes back in 2008, for the longest time I was mixing my own tapes, doing the artwork, promoting, marketing etc. 
During this time, I crossed paths with some very insanely talented, driven individuals who would help promote my mixtapes to a whole new level. I want to give a huge thank you to Johnathan aka GD and his business associates [I would shout yall out too but Johnathan didn’t remember y'all names. But what I do know, is y'all definitely played a HUGE part in the marketing and promoting of my mixtapes. My mixtapes did REALLY WELL after y'all got involved.] But, thank you Johnathan for your hard work. My bro hired you fresh outta High School and for somebody who knew very little about the music business. You sure had me thinking otherwise. If you want a plaque let me know.
Big shoutout to my big homie DJ Kelo. Thank you for helping and guiding me throughout the years. Major Salute to my Team Titan DJ’s family too. Big shoutout to DJ Pop Dukez and everybody over at 24k Mixtapes . Thank you for all the help and promotion yall did for me over the years. Thank you Jinx Promotions. Thank you to my gfx designer Mef Designs for putting together some amazing pieces of art for me and my artists over the years.
Major thank you to all the artists that I've worked with over the years and of course my main two talented artists City The Great and Poka Jones. Last but not least, thank you to everybody who has listened and or downloaded any of my mixtapes, mashups and mixes. I couldn't have done this without you all.
Thank you to Audiomack, Ginger of Jewel Box Platinum and the whole team for putting together this beautiful plaque. I have 7 more plaques on the way. This is just the first of many. If I forgot anybody I’m sorry but just know I appreciate every single one of yall. - DJ BAD THA PROBLEM

DJ BAD THA PROBLEM Audiomack Plaque


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